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Latest Posts

Learning How to Make a Difference as an Artist with the Creative Action Network

"Nothing fuels social change like art." Meet Holly Savas, the marketing director of the Creative Action Network, the company that's using art as a voice to create social change.


Top 7 Rising Global Impact Investing and Social Impact Trends in 2020

[UPDATED JANUARY 2020] These are the leading environmental trends and sustainability trends to look forward to in 2020. What's new with impact investing and social impact statistics this year? Check out these new consumer perceptions, business practices, and venture capital finance trends in 2020.


Inside Green City Solutions' CityTree: Moss Structure Cleans the Air as Much as 275 Trees

"It’s always worth to start exploring your ideas or hypotheses and see how far you can take them." CMO of Green City Solutions discusses the early days of a private company working to solve a huge public problem: air pollution.


Where to Find Meaningful Work and How to Really Find a Job That Matters

Learn how to find a job that makes a real impact on people and the planet while bringing meaning and fulfillment into your own life. You've been given so many gifts, resources, opportunities, and privileges in this lifetime, so you might as well be happy using them for the greater good.


1% For The Planet Q&A: How Giving Just a Little Can Help the Environment A Lot

"It's easy to feel overwhelmed, or to discount the small things you can do in the face of the large challenges we face. But taking action every day, even if it's just one step, truly makes a difference." We interviewed the CEO of 1% For The Planet, Kate Williams, for her experience and advice on how to easily give more and change the world.


Top 25 Holiday Gifts for Environmentalists, Conscious Consumers, and Ethical Shoppers This 2019

Whether you're shopping for your environmentalist friends or whether you're a conscious consumer who wants to make better ethical spending decisions this holiday season, we've researched the brands and companies you can trust for your gifts and holiday shopping. These are the top 25 ideas for unique, environmentally-friendly gifts and gifts that give back to charitable causes to make the season of giving a little easier.