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The "better angels" of my rebellious nature

"What if bringing the most meaningful value to your own life meant maximizing your actions and abilities to bring value to the lives of others?"

Why a...

  • wannabe entrepreneur chick who refuses to have a normal-person-job
  • freelance content marketer and writer for the COOLEST clients
  • business schemer creating miscellaneous products or doing odd jobs (that might require the FBI agent in her computer to look away) to earn extra money and new skills
  • (but is somehow shy at sales because she hates asking for things)
  • borderline-obsessive optimizer in decision making and prioritization
  • first generation ex Ivy-Leaguer who hated the sheep around her (no offense, sheep)
  • former promotional model who quit before she disappointed her dad with a risqué gig or two
  • NEW digital nomad who has no idea where to go or where she belongs
  • soft-core existentialist who still wants to believe in and do good for strangers while we still can (because no matter the negligible impact on this big-ass universe and its weird idea of time, we still made someone feel better in this moment, in this lifetime)
  • someone who's always asking herself how to be a better friend, lover, sister, and daughter
  • someone who's first instinct is to serve others whenever her own world is crumbling
  • constant learner who gets bored or distracted way too easily
  • ambitious adolescent who so far from "making it" and still has no idea what's happening on most days

...still believes in saving the world? I'll never understand.

If you followed The Good Startup from the start, you'll remember that this side project was created to showcase the companies doing what matters for the world (ie., protecting the environment, curing disease, exploring space, and solving the existential issues). And the best thing? TGS inspired A LOT of readers to find work in their own lives that mattered.

But one of the hardest things about sharing these social impact companies was that, as a company of one, I wasn't able to write about all of them, and it came down to me thinking "who am I to say to the rejected startups that what y'all are doing for the world isn't enough?"

Blue and Gray Moon during Nighttime
You've been given too much in this lifetime to do anything less.

Flash forward to now, where I'm still unsure about how to inspire each person to do the most good they can for the world, but I'm wanting to walk-the-walk for myself.

The Good Startup has so much time ahead as this sandbox of ideas and actions that add up to me and my followers doing what we can to make everything we've been given in this lifetime be worth it. To give back and share the blessings that we never explicitly asked for but are grateful for. And to feel really good doing it all.

Do Things Worth Doing.

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Do Things Worth Doing.

The Good Startup is this ambiguous, awkward brand going through puberty right now. Rebellious, existential - but still a heart of gold - I have this weird hobby of designing ways to make your life better (and more badass) than it was before.