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It all started with a wild thought...

"What if bringing the most meaning value to your own life meant maximizing your actions and abilities to bring value to the lives of others?"

At The Good Startup, I think a lot about efficiency and impact, and I wonder what life would be like if everyone did all they could to improve the world for better. I think about the problems plaguing the planet today, such as climate change and political threats to our universal rights as human beings, and about the progress we've made from the problems that are now so far in the past.

Then I wonder, why do we do what we do? Why do we take jobs we don't like or stop striving to be beyond average as we get older? Why does any of it matter? Why can't I be put on this planet to just merely make a living, or strive for one step further by yearning for a life of luxury?

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Well, the high-level idea (and premise of The Good Startup) is, you could be doing so much more. You've been given too much in this lifetime to do anything less.

The Good Startup is featuring the people actively trying to save the world from our biggest problems just because they can and because others can't. They were born into, came across, created, or fought for certain opportunities, talents, resources, and technologies that make them capable of changing the world for the better -- especially for those who can't get those same opportunities themselves.

That's what's important. Millions of years from now, when the schools and museums in which we learned, cathedrals in which we worshipped, and the city skyscrapers in which we worked our entire livelihoods away are crushed into a layer of sediment thinner than a piece of cigarette paper, what's going to matter is how we treated people and the planet when we were on it. Studies show that you'll find that your life will feel more meaningful if you're doing good for the world.

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That's why we feature companies that are actively trying to save the world through their social or environmental missions. Founders, execs, and employees no longer have to choose between financial security and making a meaningful contribution. They're technologists and leaders, but also dreamers, risk-takers, and humanists who continuously inspire us to protect all life on this planet through their career choices.

We're sharing their stories because it's our way of doing our part to make a difference.

The Good Startup Mission: to be the authentic media voice that normalizes socio-environmental enterprises and the progress they're making for the world.

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